Introduced for the first time: Steel roof calculation software for professionals.

Close the deal before others have calculated their offers.
Your customers are always busy. They call for tenders from everyone and want to hear the prices right away. Give your detailed offer quickly and correctly. Be the first and close the deal today!


Roofers+ is the professional's tool for the calculation and offer processes of steel roofs.

Drawing a roof

You start with ready roof templates, to which you can add details and slopes. You enter the dimensions into the template, and then the roof is ready for quantity surveying. If you cannot find a suitable template from the library, you can use the freehand drawing tool.

Quantity surveying

The correct roofing sheet is selected from the product library. The software will place the sheets on the roof and surveys their lengths. It also calculates the need for various flashings. All selections can also be corrected manually.

Offer and documents

The products and their prices are transferred into a Word offer template. In the standard version, the flashing diagram and production lists are printed out in PDF format. Electronic data transfer is also possible.

The efficient tools calculate the roof quickly and exactly.

Modern and safe competence.

  • The software works through a safe online server
  • Can be used anywhere with an Internet connection
  • Works on all devices through a browser
  • Can be used by several people simultaneously
  • Can also be used on worksites and on customer visits
  • Automatic maintenance and updates
  • Regular backups
  • Does not require a high-efficiency computer

Large variety of extra functionalities

Connections to industrial systems

 If your company uses a customer relationship management system or an enterprise resource planning system (CRM, ERP), Roofers+ can look for the product information in the system and then transfer back the results of the quantity surveying in order to make on offer. Naturally, this requires case-specific definition and adaptation. If your production features Bayfire Compact production lines, they will communicate with the ERP systems and the production list produced by Roofers+ can be transferred to the production electronically through the system. If you do not have an ERP system, but are interested in one, let us know! We have an offer for you.

Connections to production lines

Roofers+ calculates the lengths of all roofing sheets for the site. If you use Bayfire Compact production line, all your production lists can always be transferred electronically. Roofers+ enables the sales to send the order data by email, for example, directly to the line’s control system, from which they are automatically transferred into production lists for the operator. Case-specifically, this option can also be reviewed with regard to other equipment suppliers. 

Calls for tenders directly from the website

Because calculating offers is faster than ever with the help of Roofers+, you can now search for offers from a wider area through your own website! The efficient Roofers+ drawing tools can be embedded on the website, and any inquiries sent by the customers are directly transferred into the Roofers+ database. You do not need to draw the roof again, but you can make an offer in just a few moments. In fact, this also enables automatic pricing, if that seems like an interesting option. This feature will be added into the Roofers+ software in 2017. 

Do not hesitate any longer, get your own Roofers+

Roofers+ is a safe investment!  

It will pay for itself with just two saved weekly working hours!

No binding contract, monthly fee. You will also get a free test period.


Owner of the growing family business: “Making offers takes quite a lot of my time. I spend about 5 to 15 hours a week on making offers, depending on the season. We do not use a software intended for this.”

Salesperson of a big company: “We have been using a software similar to Roofers+ for a long time, and on busy days we use it 2 to 3 hours a day. Its manufacturer is unfortunately no longer in business and the software does not fulfil modern requirements. We cannot upgrade our computers, as the software could stop working. Microsoft no longer supports the database it is based on.”

A satisfied production manager: “We opened a new email inbox for a Snap Lock line supplied by Bayfire. Now the sales department sends the production lists made by Roofers to the production by email. They are automatically transferred to the line’s control system and the operator starts working on them right away. It’s pretty handy...”

Many profitable advantages:

  • Make offers in a few minutes
  • Make exact calculations and know your final price
  • Handle a larger number of queries


Buy Roofers+ now and save 50%

The monthly price requires no commitment and includes three user licenses. Ask for an offer, especially if you are Bayfire’s customer, interested in a customised solution or use a similar software and would like to start using Roofers+.


  • Save your time for customer work
  • Print your production documents with one click
  • Transfer your production lists to production electronically

Minimum charge 1 month Three user licenses for one company. No binding contract. Price for the standard version without extra features. Offer valid until further notice.